66 million years ago, the fated sky boulder descended upon the Earth, on its collision course with desti​ny. Creatures far and wide shuddered under the omin​ous shadow that would soon close their chapter in the history books.   For one group of creatures, fate was abou​​t to intervene in the most unlikely of ways…

In the swampy lowlands of Utah, the PixelSaurs thrived; Brontos, Rex’s, Tri’s, Air’s, Claw’s and Venom’s lived side by side in relative harmony. Each would know its place in the great circle, and each would stay true to the rule of truce.

Each species would know when it was their time to drink from the great basin, or eat from the elder trees, or play amongst the leafy ferns. These breakaway groups of Dinosaurs were much more civilised than their larger, wilder, and in some cases, carnivorous cousins. Instead, the PixelSaurs formed societies, built structures, and, for the most part, ate leaves, plants and Ginkgo fruits. For the PixelSaurs, their age of civilisation was truly beginning and life seemed bright. That was until the
Day of Shadow…

It began like any other day; Skyfire rose between the split peaks of mount Solace, and it was the Bronto’s turn to drink from the great basin. PixelSaurus #0040’s neck arched over the water as she took down big gulps of water.

She could see Skyfire’s reflection over the ripples as she drank; a comforting warm glow that undulated with the surface movement. In what can only have been a blink of a moment, the bright, familiar glow, suddenly seemed tarnished. She lifted up her long neck to look at Skyfire’s true form, only to see a black shadow across its top. Open-mouthed, #0040 stood agaze at the sight, as other PixelSaurs raised their necks - almost mirroring her expression.

The chatter of voices grew steadily until one prominent and authorative bellow silenced the PixelSaurs. #0001 – the eldest and wisest Bronto, called a meeting of the heads of the six tribes, to talk about the ominous event. After many hours, and now entering nightfall, it was eventually decided, after much discussion, that it was likely a ShadowMoon – a rare occurance where the moon can be seen in front of Skyfire.

Still concerned, but somewhat relieved, the tribes went their separate ways to bed down for the night. All was quiet and peaceful, with only the faint sound of the crickets in the grasses and the occasional scattering of leaves in the wind. #0040 slowly began to close her eyes as she drifted off to sleep.

An hour or so passed, and she was awoken to the sound of raised voices. PixelSaurus #0001, was talking with a Bronto who didn’t seem to fit in with their tribe; she had a strange accent and kept gesticulating in desperation to get her point across.

#0040 stood up and walked up to the pair.

“Grandfather”, she said “what’s wrong?”. He looked towards the stranger who then turned to her and said:

“You are all in grave danger, and I'm trying to save you. In just a few days from now, a great sky boulder will destroy everything and everyone you hold dearest. You must listen to me. We don’t have much time, and you need to leave anything behind that you don’t need”

Once more the heads of the six tribes were gathered – this time to discuss the stranger’s tale. Strong opinions were had, and for the first time in a long time, there appeared to be a distinct disagreement between them.

After careful discussions, they rose from their meeting table and slowly nodded to each other, seemingly in agreement.

They beckoned the stranger over who recounted her story for all to hear; “I come from a time far in your future – a future you will only have if you listen to me.” She then recounted the warning of the sky boulder and laughter begun to erupt around her – that was until she uttered her next sentence.

“We must travel south to the forest mountains of Antar, and you must bring the mystic stones with you."

It was with those two words that the laughter stopped… replaced by a silence louder than any words could fill.   

PixelSaurus Rex #0001 stood up: “How do you know about the stones? Their knowledge is known only to those within the six tribes – you are not worthy of this knowledge”. The stranger continued;

“I know of the stones, because of their importance in my own time. Please - we have to get moving. You have to believe me – my own fate is now tied to yours.”

Bronto #0001 stood up, glancing around the five members seated around the table, and then back to the stranger. “Please come with us.” he said. And with that the leaders of the six tribes took the stranger to the entrance of a deep and foreboding cave, the mouth of which was adorned with lit torches.

“If what you say is true, you will pass the test that lies within the cave of the mystics…”

To be continued in…
Chapter 2: Cave Of The Mystics

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